Adios, Panama

Panama – February 18, 2017

Last day in Panama (tomorrow is travel day). You know the drill: breakfast buffet, pool/sun/reading. That’s the morning. Today is also shopping day, to get those last souvenirs we haven’t yet bought. To that end, we walked back to Multicentro, where we went on our first day in town.

We found some handmade necklaces and embroidered things, and a goofy religious trinket for Renée. (This one is a garish little nativity scene set in a neon-colored flower.) And charms! Lisa’s switching to silver after reading about the horrible slave labor in African gold mines, so we need a few pieces to add variety to the bracelet. Plus, silver charms are a lot cheaper! She got a fish, a heart, a sun, a peace sign, a smiley face, and a fish skeleton (to remind her of all the fish she ate down here). I’m more than happy with my hat and sunglasses, so I don’t need any more mementos.

After shopping, we stopped at the same place outside the mall with the hot Colombian servers where we got our first ceviche a week ago. To that we added some crappy nachos—at least the ceviche is awesome—and had a Panamanian beer (“507”, named after the country calling code for Panama) that I hadn’t had yet. Tasty, too. Then we spent the afternoon reading and relaxing; at this writing I’m on my second (third?) beer and eating some of the smoked Gouda and jamón serrano before we head out for dinner.

For our last night, it’s only right that go back to Perú Chicken for a reprise of our best meal here. Plus, being right across the street, it was quick and simple on what would have to be an early night.

This time, we skipped the wine. Lisa wasn’t drinking, and I wanted to try a Peruvian beer. They had four varieties of Cusqueña: golden lager, wheat, dark lager, and quinoa. Having never tried a quinoa beer, that’s what I went with, and it was delicious.

We stayed with the tiradito for the appetizer, and it was again excellent with just the right heat. Tonight Lisa went for the pescado de la macho—not sure what that meant, but it was fried and came in a seafood sauce. The sauce had some shrimp in it, contrary to what we were told, so we sent it back. It looked like they simply picked out the shrimp and left everything else the same, but she ate it anyway. (And I ate the one shrimp they missed.) So far, so good—no reaction! Meanwhile, I was so impressed with Lisa’s chupe de pescado last night that I ordered the same, but with mixed seafood instead of just fish. It was excellent.

We were both full, but I was not leaving without having another Suspiro Limeño. Again, pretty much speechless…and ready to burst.

We’re back in the room now (it’s 8:50). Lisa’s in bed and I’m writing while polishing off the wine. Alarm is set for 4:30 am with a 6:00 am pickup for the airport. Hasta la vista, Panama!


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