Green Peppercorn & Blue Cheese Sauce

I made this on a whim to serve with grilled T-bones. A classic green peppercorn sauce typically is made with shallots in a wine/cognac reduction; heavy cream adds body and a counterpoint to the camphorous sharpness of the peppercorns. Another classic steak treatment is a pat of butter and some crumbled blue cheese. This sauce combines the best of … Continue reading Green Peppercorn & Blue Cheese Sauce


O Comal, Ye Faithful: Salsa Roja

For Christmas, how about a little fire to warm up a cold night? This is really similar to my grilled pico de gallo, but less chunky and a little hotter. A comal is a flat Mexican cast-iron griddle best known for its sizzling presentation of fajitas. It is also used successfully for dry-roasting chiles and other ingredients … Continue reading O Comal, Ye Faithful: Salsa Roja